putting the internet into perspective

The world wide web is probably much bigger than you imagined.
So let's discuss the challenges and solutions to rank your website higher in the search engines.

130 Trillion

total websites


new Websites per day

3.8 Million

Searches per minute

40 Zetabytes

Data on the internet

Search Engine Optimization

So, your website is complete and now you're wondering, "Why can't I find my website in the search engines?"

First, you should understand the basics of how search engines work to then understand how to work towards your website populating in the search engines (I'll example with Google as the search engine). Unfortunately, it takes a little more than a few clicks and POOF! You're on the 1st page of the search results! Oh, wouldn't that be nice and easy. However, did you know that Google is constantly "crawling" and analyzing webpages deciding where sites should be placed in the search results? These "crawlers" may take as little as 4 days, or up to 6 months to crawl your new website for the first time. Finding your new website can take time, considering there is on average 547200 new websites created globally per day! It would be impossible for Google to scan EVERY webpage in existence that contains the specific keywords that someone is searching for. Of course there's technical algorithms that Google uses, but simply put, Google is only looking for the websites that "qualify" since not every website can be on the first page. You still ask why can't yours be in the top of the search results? In a nutshell, you need to EARN YOUR PLACE in Google.

If you think about it, when you do a web search for something, you're trusting that Google is trying to find for you the best results and to do that means to find the most relevant and popular websites (aka most "hits" or "visitors"). You really wouldn't want your search results to be filled with irrelevant websites, including one that John Smith just put together last week, that may or may not even be a legit business, it's so new, who knows? So for good reason, Google would rather provide for you active and well established websites, because odds are, that will generate results that are most likely what you were searching for. A website that has been drawing in a lot of "hits" to their site will help get Google's attention and show that this is a website that people are interested in. Makes sense right?

So the big question is, How can Google find you? Well, as your web designer, I've helped optimize your website from the back-end, but unfortunately there is no single click or algorithm to immediately get you to the top of the rankings. It takes time to get your website popular with Google, but I'll help you with a few easy ideas, which as a bonus are all helpful ways to market your business, and Google will love it too!

Your site authority is highly affected by:

- The amount of inbound links pointing toward your website
- The amount of website traffic you're currently generating
Notice a common thread here? Sharing.

My number one suggestion is to add your website link to as many well established websites as possible, without spamming.
These can include, but is not limited to creating a Facebook page for your business and/or other social media accounts. This is also a powerful tool to boost your business since you can use this space to talk about your business, engage with your viewers and encourage them to share your business through their social media pages. Get creative and create posts that people will want to share. Always include your website link to create more inbound links and potential website traffic to lead viewers to your website.
Depending on the type of business you offer, you could create a page on LinkedIn. Also, make sure to add your business to Yellow Pages and other online directories. Try doing a search for blogs and forums where people ask questions that are geared towards your business. Jump in to answer the question, and make sure to leave your URL as your signature. Once again, this is adding your URL around the internet, creating inbound links and website traffic, making it harder for search engines to resist finding you!

So just like that, you will have put your business on a number of legit and popular platforms. People are sharing your business and you're creating a buzz as people outside of your immediate circle are now clicking the links leading to your website. THIS is gaining popularity for your new website and Google WILL notice. The more you work on getting your website out there and people visiting your website, the faster your website will rise in the rankings.
Your efforts will pay off. Be Patient, it will happen!