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Give your viewers a memorable, positive experience.

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Make A Great First Impression!

Your website will be the first thing your clients see, so this is your chance to provide all the information they need.
How you present that information will decide if they stay and if they will return.

Your Visitors

   When I first speak with a new client, I often ask them what their website goal is. What do they want their viewers to know? I know it sounds silly, but having a clear idea of what needs to be focused on is very helpful so not stray off in just "filling up" space on the site and losing the viewers interest scrolling through insignificant content and not achieving what they came on the website for.
  Keep in mind that your visitors must come first. Bottom line, it's not about you, but how you can provide a product or service to help them. They are coming to your website with a goal in mind, and it's your job to help them achieve these goals as quickly as possible, while ensuring they have a positive experience on your website.

Just be you

Be clear in your content and just be you! Build their trust. No one wants to read text that sounds like a term paper. Speak as though they are right in front of you, having a one-on-one conversation.

use photos

Use pictures to help tell your story. As the old adage goes, a picture says a thousand words. Photos are a great way to visually engage with your viewers. If you don't have professional photos, try using stock photos. You can find many sites selling low-cost or even free stock photos.

show you're unique

With so many options for people to choose from, you need to show what makes you or your business different from the rest. Use your website to explain why they should choose you over another company. It could be for quality or years of experience. Whatever it is, use that.

honesty & facts

Leave out the hype. Visitors don’t want spin. They expect honesty and facts so they can make an educated decision. Whenever possible, include statistics and relevant specifics that can help support your claims. Explain why your company is uniquely qualified to provide its products or services. Include some details about your company’s history and achievements, especially on your About Us page.


As you do all this, keep SEO (search engine optimization) in mind. Keywords are what people type in the search engines to find websites relevant to what they want. Search engines then scan webpages for those keywords to provide them results. Therefore, you will want to use those keywords throughout your webpages. Not a ridiculous amount, just keep it in mind.

know your audience

Identify your target audience to gauge appropriate website tone and goals. With this in mind, how can you best engage with them? What features do you need on your website to show them what your business has to offer? Perhaps a photo or video gallery, map and directions, a contact page or information including your hours of operation. Does your website need social media links, frequently asked questions, a portfolio or a testimonial page?

Want some inspiration?

Visit my Template Sample page to get some ideas and to let me know which styles appeal to you.

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